My Wikipedia page has been Deleted

How do I get it back, and how easy is it to resolve?

Speedy Deletion Nomination

When your Wikipedia article is deleted should you do?

When your article has been deleted from Wikipedia, you need to establish a few things. The reason your article has been deleted from Wikipedia is important and also the method it was deleted. The reason will be given on the page itself in a red notice box, for example ‘article deleted for G11: Unambiguous advertising or promotion’. Knowing how the article was deleted is just as important as the reason for deletion. The article can be deleted via 3 methods, speedy deletion, proposed deletion or AfD (Articles for Deletion discussion). Depending on the method of deletion will effect how you should approach the rewrite of your article.

When your Wikipedia article has been deleted, there are some things you should avoid.

Don't upload the same article with no changes

The worst thing you can do is to upload the article again with few to no edits. If you were to do this, it will be deleted and will further effect the chances of the article being accepted.

Don't argue with Deleting Editors

Don’t take it personally. Wikipedia editors are simply abiding by the rules. If you are to argue with the deleting editors, all you will do is alienate them. You want to either allow them to delete the article and move onto the next one, or involve them in a positive way. Upsetting them may mean that the accepted article enters an editing war, or that the article is constantly at risk of being deleted.

Don't ignore advice from the deletion process

The reason for deletion has been placed on the article for a reason, as it makes the deletion more transparent for everyone. This means if you re-upload a similar article with the same problems, it will simply be deleted again.

Our advice would be once you’ve gathered the information on why and how the article was deleted; you should then contact a Wikipedia expert of specialist Wikipedia Company to further discuss your options.

Once you’ve gathered as much information as you can, you can then either pass the work over to a 3rd party or begin rewriting the article yourself. Once you’ve rewritten the article, you can upload the article into a Sandbox or userspace for further evaluation if you wish.

The way the article was deleted is essential to the future of the article you are trying to put together. Speedy deletion isn’t very severe, and an article can be rescued if this occurs. Proposed deletion again is something that can be overcome quote easily. Often some discussion will take place about the deletion, so it is essential this information is gathered and executed on the next version of the article.

The final problematic method of deletion is the AfD. This is a discussion that lasts at least 7 days about the article and if it should remain on Wikipedia. Depending on how cutthroat the article discussion is can greatly affect the chances of another article being accepted on the given subject. When dealing with AfD deletions, we advise you speak to a Wikipedia specialist so you can properly evaluate your options.

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