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Amending a Wikipedia page can be tricky, so don't worry if you need help.

Incorrect facts, out of date content or vandalism on Wikipedia needs editing quickly to reduce negative impact.

Our Wikipedia editing service allows for both small edits and major rewrites.

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Regular Wikipedia page editing in our eyes is the most important aspect of Wikipedia brand management. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, and with the ongoing decline in the number of editors, your page may remain inaccurate for a long period of time.

The rules and regulations of Wikipedia often make it difficult to understand and navigate. Quick edits and updates that should be straightforward often take longer than anticipated and sometimes don’t remain live because the content itself or the referencing is not unto Wikipedia’s minimum requirement. This often leaves individuals who are getting Wikipedia for the first time frustrated and unsure how best to proceed. A Wikipedia editing service like ours allows a lot of the heavy lifting to be carried out by our agency. Edits typically go live faster and have a much higher chance of staying live.

Any editing project comes with free consultancy prior to work commencing, so any new client will get an idea of what they can/can’t achieve on the Wikipedia page in question.

Our editing is calculated by the number of hours required to write and upload the content. As our fees are calculated per hour, no project is too big or small. We have clients that want to rewrite 10,000 word pages, and others that want to update their date of birth. This service covers all one-off edits, where as more elaborate rewrites could fall under our management package.

At Wizards of Wiki, we have been editing Wikipedia pages for over a decade. The number of edits carried out as given us incomparable knowledge of the Wikipedia industry, especially when enhancing online reputations of individuals or corporations.

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