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Our Ethical stance is important to us.

Our Ethics & Privacy stance are very important to us. Wikipedia sets strict rules about its editing, and we try to make ours stricter to ensure we are always within Wikipedia rules. Not only is our ethical stance clear, but also how we deal with your details. We understand that companies or individuals seen to be managing their image can be frowned upon, so we take your privacy very seriously.

The service we provide is aimed at companies and individuals who should be listed on Wikipedia. We will not unethically post pages if we feel they are not relevant. At all times we stand by Wikipedia's policies of notability, neutral point of view and also no original research.

We feel our services increase Wikipedia's effectiveness and add to the overall growth of the network. With editors in decline, we also understand that carrying out unpaid work is also essential. Each of our editors has their own specialist area, and we encourage them to monitor articles in their given field whenever possible.

Below we outline a few things about our ethics. Also please keep an eye on this page as we will soon be publishing an in-depth dossier about our ethics and privacy.

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