Monitor a Wikipedia page

There are a couple of Monitoring options for watching your Wikipedia page.

Monitoring a Wikipedia Page

Many people often ask us as Wikipedia experts, what is the best way to monitor a Wikipedia article? The simple answer is whichever path you choose, you must do so on a regular basis. When it comes to Wikipedia editing, proactive edits and discussion are by far the best way to go.

Should a proactive approach not be used, its essential when you react, you react quickly. The reasoning behind this is that Wikipedia can often move very quickly with edits or decisions. The last thing you want is to be playing catch-up, or even worse spotting the changes after the decision has been made. Below are the two main approaches you can use.

Wikipedia offers a free page watching service that can be used by anyone. After registering, you have the option of watching a page by pressing the star icon on any given article.

If you are on the Wikipedia website, you will be notified within minutes. While the system works well for frequent editors who spend a lot of time on Wikipedia, it isn’t great for those who rarely use the site.

At Wizards of Wiki we provide a dedicated monitoring service, but there are also similar services available elsewhere. Our monitoring service in particular is effectively a paid upgrade of the Wikipedia watching service.

For a fixed monthly fee, we will monitor your Wikipedia page or pages using our dedicated monitoring system. The system looks for a variety of edits and any activity on the page and then notifies you via email.

The watching pages function also gives users the opportunity to be notified via email. However in our experience this doesn’t notify you quickly and emails can often arrive 24 hours after the changes. For many, this is often not ideal.

As an additional part of the service, one of our experts checks every notification for free as part of the service. Therefore if advice is needed it can be provided by our helpful staff. If you are interested in our monitoring service, you can contact us using the link below.

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