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All you need to know about writing a Wikipedia article about yourself.

Creating a Wikipedia Page

Writing an article about yourself on Wikipedia is possible, however there are a number of rules and regulations you need to abide by. To avoid these problems, we strongly recommend you use a paid editing service or paid consultancy service. Wikipedia doesn’t like people or users to create an article about a subject they have a conflict of interest with. So creating an article about yourself would be frowned upon. However there are ways around this, so you can do everything possible to abide by the Wikipedia rules and regulations.

The biggest issue is many people struggle to view themselves from a neutral point of view. By far the best way to avoid suffering Neutral Point of view issues is to have a third party to create it. When writing about a subject you are close to, it is very easy to add content that sounds positive or biased. Remaining neutral or factual is something that even good writers struggle to achieve. Using a third party individual or Wikipedia PR company ensures that the biased content is kept to a minimum.

Original Research is a common problem with biography articles on Wikipedia. When an individual is close to the subject they are writing about, they will often include content they know is factual, but are unable to prove through a valid reference. This leads to the article containing content that is in theory factual, but any neutral reading it, will be able to see the fact or comment isn’t supported by any evidence. We avoid this when writing articles for our clients by carefully studying all the available references, and not including information that isn't referenced sufficiently.

Notability isn’t a black or white subject and it is interpreted differently depending on the subject. For example notability would be judged differently for an author when compared to a music artist. For this reason it is key the writer understands the notability rules regarding the subject they are writing about. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a Wikipedia specialist.

When creating an article about yourself, conflict of interest is the biggest issue to overcome. Even if the article is outsourced, it is technically breaking the rules of conflict of interest. However in our opinion Wikipedia uses this to put off any form of paid editing. In reality most of the pages edited on Wikipedia are made by experts on that given subject. These experts will naturally have their own opinions on the subject, which can then often be expressed in the article. These opinions can be classed as a conflict of interest. Therefore in summary, conflict of interests are a common occurance on Wikipedia and often hard to prove or recognise.

The easiest way to create an article about yourself is to outsource it. Wizards of Wiki can write articles that avoid the common problems associated with biography articles. Further, if an individual tries to create an article about themselves and its spotted, Wikipedia will have a very harsh view on it.

We therefore strongly recommend you at least consider paid editing. In order to contact us for a quote or if you would like to ask us any questions, you can use the link below.

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