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Proposed Deletion Nomination

My article is nominated for Proposed Deletion

If you have attempted to create an article on Wikipedia and it is seen as not suitable, it can be nominated for a Proposed Deletion.

So many will be asking, what does this mean to your article and what can be done about it? Proposed deletion falls in between Speedy Deletion and the AfD (Articles for Deletion process). It aims to act as a shortcut to the AfD and is also for articles that do not meet the criteria for the Speedy deletion process.

If anyone objects to the proposal, they can remove the deletion tag on the page, which means the proposal is aborted. However, if the user who nominated it believed it was for valid reasons, it may result in the article being submitted to the AfD. This is much more likely if the notice is removed, and it isn’t obvious any users are trying to improve the article.

Why has my article being nominated?

There are many different reasons for the deletion of a Wikipedia article. Your article will be given a reason for nomination at the top of the article inside a red notice box. It will be accompanied by an abbreviation (e.g. G7), which will be the main reason for deletion. In some cases more than one abbreviation can be attached to the article (e.g. G7 and A2).

Nomination is seen as a shortcut to the AfD. This can be because the article is very poor and isn’t worth a deletion discussion, or there are underlying issues with the article. An administrator will delete the article after 7 days have passed since its initial nomination, if no users object to the proposed deletion.

The first thing you should do, is evaluate the feedback or reasoning given in the proposed deletion notice. If you believe it can be fixed easily, feel free to remove the notice, and out of courtesy, post your explanation on the talk page. However most problems aren’t a quick fix. It is best once you’ve evaluated your options to at least involve a Wikipedia specialist or expert.

By doing this they will be able to give you advice on the article, and even assist you for a small fee. Avoiding advice at this stage, may lead to the article being nominated for the stricter AfD process, which is much more difficult to overcome if there are underlying problems with your article.

Ensure that you make a copy of the article, because if it is deleted, you won’t be able to view it again.

Our Advice

Articles that are nominated for a proposed deletion is just that, a proposal. If the issue is addressed properly, then the article will remain on Wikipedia. It’s important in this scenario if you want the article to remain on Wikipedia to carry out the improvements correctly. Failure to do so will result in the article either being deleted, or nominated for a deletion discussion via the AfD.

Both of those outcomes can be avoided in most scenarios by speaking to an expert and letting them either advise, or carry out edits on your behalf. In reality, if an article was unfixable, it would be nominated for the AfD or Speedy deletion. Proposed deletion is the best of the three, and its important as the creator or major contributor you choose your next move carefully.

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