Wikipedia Article Management

This tailored service is designed to assist
those with existing Wikipedia Articles

If your article is problematic, high-profile or
even important to you or your business this service is ideal

Each part of the contract is tailored to
suit the clients needs

Wikipedia Article Management

Wikipedia article management in our eyes is the most important aspect of Wikipedia brand management. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, and with the ongoing decline in the number of editors, your page may remain inaccurate for a long period of time.

Checking your page daily can be a time consuming task, and sometimes one daily check isn’t even enough. You can often visit your page and see that a number of extensive changes have been made to it. The best way to deal with these changes is to catch them straight away, and monitor them to ensure everything is above board. Once extensive changes have been made, it can take hours to recover the page back to where it was before. In worst case scenarios the page may never be able to be restored, if arguments for the changes are raised and decided without your input. Raising the argument again once a decision has been made can be very time consuming and an inefficient way of managing your page.

The Wikipedia Page Management service we provide ensures that these changes are monitored as soon as they occur. We will then instantly act on this depending on your instructions. At certain times, changes are made to a page that from an ethical standpoint make sense. While our job is to make sure our clients pages are correct, we will not break Wikipedia ethics for you. If anything our ethical standpoint is even stricter than Wikipedia's, to ensure we are always acting ethically.

Wikipedia Page Management isn't only essential in our eyes, but it is also affordable. When you carry out an internet search for a business or an individual, the appropriate Wikipedia page will appear in the top 5 results normally. If information about you on Wikipedia isn't managed, then people searching for information can be mis-lead. This means all that hard work promoting yourself through marketing and gaining exposure can instantly be wasted, because you aren't looking after your reputation on Wikipedia.

Management Packages

A Variety of options are available to clients who are interested. Each package is tailored to the needs of the client. Each contract will include the following:

Number of Articles : Select the number of articles you wish to manage moving forward

Dispute Inclusion : Disputes are a common problem on Wikipedia, if you want our assistance in these situations this needs to be included

Email Updates : Choose how often you want to receive emails notifying you of changes to your page, traffic and potential improvements

Monitoring Level : How often you want us to monitor your articles, this can be tailored to your need

Disclaimer: We always abide by Wikipedia laws. We will always be
open and honest with Wikipedia should we need to make live edits to the site