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Wikipedia Content Marketing Strategy

There are some skeptics, who don’t see Wikipedia as important when considering their marketing strategy. Wikipedia is now a fundamental part of the Internet, whether it is part of your strategy or not, your clients or potential customers are taking notice of it. Wikipedia normally ranks on the first page of Google, making it very accessible for potential clients and also people researching your company or you. From our internal research on web searches, Wikipedia is normally the only neutral webpage available to a potential client on the first page of Google.

Wikipedia has many complex rules and regulations, but in short the content must be encyclopaedic and not an advertisement or a blatant marketing exercise. The best way to approach Wikipedia is to attempt to improve your said article to a 'Good Standard', or GA for short. By doing this, you will have an extensive article that the Wikipedia community is happy with.

Wikipedia is often the only neutral resource on the first page of Google, meaning people take notice of it. Therefore its essential it is written to a good quality, fee of problems and correct/factual.

It is often people's first port of call when they are looking to read up on a subject or company and get up to speed quickly. If this information is incorrect, it leaves the reader confused when they visit your website, or hear conflicting information/

Companies and individuals spend billions globally each year on improving their brand. If there is incorrect information on your Wikipedia page, then some of that investment in online marketing can go to waste. If you stop thinking of Wikipedia as a marketing solution, and something to demonstrate your notability in an encyclopaedic way, then you will be able to benefit greatly from this website.

Facts and Figures

1. Researchers in the UK proved that Wikipedia was on page one of Google UK for 99% of searches carried out.

2. According to CNN, customers regularly view source materials such as Wikipedia. CNN also stated, 60% of company pages contain factual errors.

3. There is a correlation between Wikipedia page views and company stock price. This demonstrates pages are viewed at times of company growth and decline, which makes the content incredibly important.

4. Articles within the PR industry have indicated Wikipedia articles are used by PR pros for quick research. This therefore means if incorrect information appears on the Wikipedia page, it could be republished elsewhere by professional editors.

5. 80% of people in a PRSA survey stated they classed Wikipedia as a credible source. Compare this with the 60% CNN stat above, how many readers are receiving the wrong information about your company and thinking its factual?

6. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, anonymously. Competitors, disgruntled ex-employees or unhappy customers can all influence your page.

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